About Us

Distinction Training Center is your ideal destination for professional training. It offers professional training programs that serve all parties in the labour market such as employers, managers, employees or jobseekers as well as those who aspire to improve their skills and practical knowledge and seek to gain the experience that leads them to success and excellence.

The Training Center is a Bahraini institution that is collaboration of Al Arayedh Group Holding and Graduate School of Management, UK. Distinction Training Center enjoys the knowledge partners which are Bournemouth University, BAA and many others. Distinction Training Center allows you to get the British educational experience in a professional environment by interacting with material and gaining your knowledge in the best way. We at Distinction Training Center pay special attention to the quality of education and training programs through knowledge transfer and training program developed to ensure that the best qualifications are offered to the trainees in order to improve the overall performance of companies and their employees.

We would like to welcome you to Distinction Training Center, promising that you will gain the best qualifications in Cyber Security, Disaster Management, Business Management, IT, Entrepreneurship, Travel & Tourism and many other qualifications required by labour market to develop your career and job performance. Our programs target a variety of sectors and trainees such as return to work which enables job seekers to update their information and develop their skills and be prepared to work again in line with the latest upgrades in work environment, as well as the programs of specialized companies that require specific skills for employees and job seekers; we qualify these cadres to serve specific sectors. The Center provide the most important IT protection program (Cyber security) which is required by the banking and government institutions to preserve information and data and to ensure the protection of corporate and customer information. In addition, we provide business management programs and entrepreneurship to create an integrated labour market with strong expertise for the success of companies and projects. Not only that, but many other courses that serve all groups in the labour market.

You are welcome to visit your first destination for success during business hours or contact our customer service team to get a quick answer for your inquiries.

Wishing you a leveled up career and all success in life!